For Individuals & Families

The goal of this section is to help you quickly understand some of the different types of attacks used to trick people into giving out personal or financial information.  

You will find useful approaches that are currently considered effective ways to limit your exposure to Cyberattacks and Cybercrimes. 

Understand what an attack can look like

Tips about Phishing from the FTC - Federal Trade Commission

A brief 2 minute read. 

Have you Received...

Defining  other Different Attacks

A short 1 minute read.

Understand what these are: Phishing, Vishing, SMSishing.  

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Protect Your Computer From Malware 

An informational 3 Minute Video from the FTC 

Touch image to start video. 

stop | think | connect 

a 2 page summary of Basic Tips & advice 

Stop | Think | Connect 

Practical Tips about devices, your information, connecting with care. Stop Think Connect is a global online safety awareness project. 

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Online Privacy and Security Useful Tips from FTC

Topics include Password setup, protecting your phone, using social media, and more. Touch poster to learn more.

(Hint: for setting up passwords, use a password manager) 

password managers

Password Manager

A 2 minute read from Microsoft

Talks about what is and why to use a password manager. Touch poster to learn more.

Do you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with creating strong secure passwords, where to store them safely, and how to get to them quickly?  Join the crowd.  Now is a good time to understand what is and why to use a password manager.  See below for Recommended Password Managers.  

Recommended Password Managers from Carnegie Mellon University

A short read about what is and why use a password manager, along with a useful list of recommended password managers, how they are stored, and a pro and con list of each. Touch poster to learn more.

Internet Browser password managers are not as robust as a dedicated password managers at this time such as the ones listed.  An internet browser password manager is one that is built into Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge just to name two of them. 

This is not an exhaustive list, and you are encouraged to do your own research about password managers and which one you would like to use.

microsoft authenticator:  What is it and Why use it

Microsoft Authenticator

Protect your accounts with a one-time password that changes every 30 seconds, and more. Touch poster to get the app and learn more. 

Note: Though this section does not cover all possible issues, strategies, or techniques; however, there is much here to benefit from to have an effective impact. 

Please note, this training and all materials here are not meant to replace your current organization or small business Cyber Security procedures. These are meant to increase your awareness and understanding and offer actionable accepted practices. Please consult your organizations or small business owners' policy if you have a question.