for small businesses a learning challenge & tools to create a cybersecurity plan

The goal of this section is to present information in a doable set of actions, with approaches that are currently considered effective ways to limit your exposure to Cyberattacks and Cybercrimes. 

Understand methods hackers use to trick you into giving away important information

Stop | Think | Connect   

FTC - Federal Trade Commission Tips about Phishing

This is a brief 2 minute read. 

Think before you act or click!

Understand what different attacks can look like

A short 1 minute read...Understand what these are: Phishing, Vishing, SMSishing.  Don't take the bait!

FTC - Tip

Protect Your Computer From Malware 

An informational 3 Minute Video 

Understand & don't take the bait! Touch image to start video. 

Want to know more about how to recognize, remove, and avoid malware?

TechCrunch - Article about Twilio

A short 2 minute read about the impact of a successful Phishing attac

Methods that target 1000's of employee cellphones have been successful at gaining access to their businesses

A 3 minute read revealing a combined attack. 

password managers

Password Manager

A 2 minute read from Microsoft

Talks about what is and why to use a password manager, Touch article to open.

Do you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with creating strong secure passwords, where to store them safely, and how to get to them quickly?  Join the crowd.  Now is a good time to understand what is and why to use a password manager.  

Recommended Password Managers from Carnegie Mellon University

A short read about what is and why use a password manager, along with a useful list of recommended password managers, how they are stored, and a pro and con list of each.

Please Note: Internet Browser password managers are not as robust as the above dedicated password managers at this time. 

microsoft authenticator:  What is it and Why use it

Microsoft Authenticator

Protect your accounts with a one-time password that changes every 30 seconds, and more. Touch the image to get the app and learn more. 

Find out how to set this up.

10 Tips for Small Businesses & more

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CISA - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

1 page summary of tips

cybersecurity challenge Learning session - test your knowledge

Cybersecurity Challenge -  Test Your Knowledge

an example cybersecurity planning guide for small businesses with a resource to create a customized plan

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FCC - Federal Communications Commission  

This is a detailed structured overview of what a Cyber Planning guide can look like. (45 pages)

Touch the image of the Cyber Security Planning Guide to open and read. 

Touching the button "Create A Planning Guide" leads to creating a customized plan that prompts you with questions and choices, that can be printed or saved as a document. 

SBA - Small Business Administration 

One aspect of Managing your business is strengthening your cybersecurity. 

This article provides an overview of why this topic is important for small businesses and what to do. Touch the image to go to the SBA's site to learn more. 

a sober warning to take action now to protect against cyber attacks and cybercrime

Whitehouse Statement to Businesses: A Call to Act Now

This Article is about a 2 minute read. 

March 21, 2022 Fact Sheet: Act Now to Protect Against Potential Cyberattacks.  

Touch the article image or button to go to the full article. 

Note: Though this section does not cover all possible issues, strategies, or techniques; however, there is much here to benefit from to have an effective impact. 

Please note, this training and all materials here are not meant to replace your current organization or small business Cyber Security procedures. These are meant to increase your awareness and understanding and offer actionable accepted practices. Please consult your organizations or small business owners' policy if you have a question.