We work to ensure all your office and mobile technology is up and running, data is secure, available across devices, and backed up.

Provide website support such as design/redesign that is mobile optimized, and user friendly that can be used by an owner or staff partner of a small or medium sized business effectively reducing ongoing costs.

Support software and web applications on site and remotely.

Offer training support on site or remotely.



  • Setup & Solve Problems with Network Connections: WIFI, Cabled, Router, Remote

  • Setup Find Solutions to Problems with Desktop, Laptop

  • Solve Problems with Tablets, Smart Phones

  • Setup Printer, Scanner, Camera, Video Devices, Sound Devices, Retail Devices, & Other Hardware


  • Work with Windows, Mac, Linux


  • Work with Android and Apple iOS Mobile Devices

STORAGE - Data Used Daily Across All Devices

  • Setup & Utilize Secure Cloud Storage using one or more Platforms for Storage according to your needs.

  • Cloud storage utilized are OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, iCloud, Dropbox.

DATA RETRIEVAL - From Desktop or Laptop Due to Damage, Loss, or Accidentally Deleted

  • Retrieve Data from HDD - Hard Disk Drive, SSD - Solid State Drive, or other Storage Devices

  • In some cases we can recover data via what is called Soft or Software Measures

  • Software Recovery from a failing hard drive cost from $150 to $300

  • Accidentally Deleted data can in most cased be recovered, costs from $50 to $150

  • Some Hard Drives with mechanical spinning platers can not be recovered via Software Measures by us

  • ​We can recommend an outsource service to send a HDD device to, and they provide a quote for you to do the work

  • Most HDD that we outsource to for mechanical recovery begin at $400 and can go up to $2000+

  • SSD - Solid State Drive hard drives though do not have moving parts like a USB drive, can fail

  • We highly recommend a good Backup Plan, onsite, cloud based, or both to protect against and recover from Device Failure, Theft, Lost, Fire, Flooding, Accidental Damage, or Cyber Attack

DATA RETRIEVAL - From Smartphones

  • Need to retrieve a conversation from your SMS / Text Messaging?

  • We can obtain complete messages or message threads of conversation in a date and time format that can be used to present in a dispute matter if needed.

  • Obtain data from cell phone device if not backup on the cloud, assuming device in not damaged beyond recovery.


  • ​We highly recommend a good backup plan to protect against and recover from Device Failure, Theft, Lost, Fire, Flooding, Accidental Damage, or Cyber Attack

  • Onsite Desktop or Laptop: Internal or External HDD or SSD device with Acronis Backup Software

  • Cloud Based - We can recommend one or more according to your needs: OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Acronis

  • Mobile App Backup according to need using Cloud Based Storage


  • If you need to establish or build a basic to intermediate website that works on any device, we can help set that up for you.

  • We recommend utilizing a user friendly website builder that is easy for you or a staff member to use, maintain, and update content easily without the use of computer code.

  • There are some amazing values out there that do not have huge costs to get this done.

  • Provide training for an owner or staff member in the business to manage the website and update content.

  • Doing this can help reduce on going costs to your budget.

  • We can help find the right fit for you, set it up, train you, and only come back if needed.


  • We provide support for technical issues you are having with your software and application needs, so you can focus on what you do best with your business.

  • Provide support for Microsoft Office applications, Google Workspace applications, and other industry specific applications that reside on your computer, or are accessed via a web based application.


  • Provide training ideas for business owners and staff in your business to fit your specific needs.

  • On site training.

  • Remote training via Zoom, Team Viewer, or Google Meet.

  • Training via video created specifically for your needs, and made available on YouTube for easy access and viewing anytime.