Work to ensure all your office and mobile technology is up and running, data is secure, available across devices, and backed up.

Provide website support such as design/redesign that is mobile optimized, user friendly, and provide training on how to do content changes for owner or staff.

Support your software and web applications on site and remotely.

Offer training support on site or remotely.



  • Setup & Solve Problems with Network Connections: WIFI, Cabled, Router, Remote

  • Setup Find Solutions to Problems with Desktop, Laptop

  • Solve Problems with Tablets, Smart Phones

  • Setup Printer, Scanner, Camera, Video Devices, Sound Devices, Retail Devices, & Other Hardware

  • Can provide remote support if accessible


  • Work with Windows, Mac, Linux

  • Can provide remote support


  • Work with Android and Apple iOS Mobile Devices


  • We provide support for technical issues you are having with your software and application needs, so you can focus on what you do best with your business.

  • Provide support for Microsoft Office applications, Google Workspace applications, and other industry specific applications that reside on your computer, or are accessed via a web based application.

  • Can provide remote support if accessible


We highly recommend a good Backup Plan to protect against and recover from: Wear, Device Failure, inaccessibility due to Accidental Damage, Theft, Lost, Fire, Flooding, Heat, or Cyber Attack.

Onsite backup storage for Desktop or Laptop:

    • Utilize an external backup drive to store a copy of your business and personal data.

    • Use a backup software application such as Acronis backup or Windows backup to routinely protect data.

Cloud Based backup storage for Desktop or Laptop using one or more secure platforms for storage:

    • All companies below have offers of free and subscription based storage, some with conditions.

    • Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Acronis.

    • For photo backup on desktop or laptop: Microsoft OneDrive, Google Photos, Amazon Photos.

Mobile App Backup using Cloud Based Storage

    • Android uses Google server to backup a device. One needs to ensure this is turned on and taking place.

    • iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone daily when iPhone is connected to power, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi. One needs to ensure this is taking place.

Photos taken on a mobile device

Microsoft OneDrive, Google Photos, iCloud, and Amazon Photos all offer Photo storage solutions.

    • Microsoft OneDrive: offers 5GB free storage, after that a subscription for more storage is require; however, for those with a Microsoft 365 subscription get 1TB of storage.

    • Google Photos: offers free storage, but sets a limit on photo size, if larger size photo storage is needed then a subscription will be required.

    • iPhone Cloud: offer of storage of photos is different from a backup solution. It does store a copy of photos, but when one photo is deleted, it is deleted from iCloud storage as well. If that is a problem then one of the other solutions mentioned here can work in addition to iCloud or separate by itself.

    • Amazon Photos: offers free storage to those with an Amazon Prime subscription.

DATA RETRIEVAL - From Desktop or Laptop Due to Damage, Loss, or Accidentally Deleted

Retrieve Data from HDD - Hard Disk Drive, SSD - Solid State Drive, or other Storage Devices using what is called Soft or Software Measures.

  • Accidentally Deleted data can in most cases be recovered, cost is from $50 to $150.

  • Software Recovery from a failing hard drive (if hard drive platters are spinning) cost is from $150 to $300.

  • Some Hard Drives with mechanical spinning platers can not be recovered via Software Measures. ​

    • We can recommend an outsource service to send a HDD device to, and they will provide a quote and do the work.

    • Most HDD that we outsource to for mechanical recovery begin at $400 and can go up to $2000+.

DATA RETRIEVAL - From Smartphones

  • Need to retrieve a conversation from your SMS / Text Messaging?

  • We can obtain complete messages or message threads of conversation in a date and time format that can be used to present in a dispute matter if needed.

  • Obtain data from cell phone device if not backup on the cloud, assuming device in not damaged beyond recovery.


Do you have questions or problems with your current website or consultants?

  • Do you need to build a basic to intermediate website, or need to update a current website so that it works on any device such as a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone, and don't have the time or know where to begin?

  • Are your needs being met, or do you have questions about the current pricing structure of your website hosting, website builder application, or web consultants?

  • Do you have on going or additional fees that do not provide effective Website solutions?

We can help and aim to provide reasonable solutions.

  • Your need will be determined, and then a website builder platform will be recommended. Pricing will be clear and reasonable for you to make a decision.

  • A website builder that is user friendly is recommended because, it makes it easy for you or a staff member to use, maintain, and update content without the use of computer code, nor need to call a consultant every time you need to make a change. Training can be provided for you or staff.

  • Your website can be built or redesigned with basic to innovative themes, and everything is approved by you first before publishing your website. Training can be provided for you or your staff.

  • Analytic reporting is available that gives you information about traffic and most used portions of the website, and search information, and more. These reports go to you.

  • There are amazing values available that do not carry huge ongoing monthly costs from top providers.

  • Monthly costs can vary according to your need and can range from $1/Month to $15/Month.

Our goal is to setup a website that adapts to most all devices, empower, train and equip you the owner or a staff member in your business to handle common changes and updates to content, graphics, or media on your own.

Contact Us with your questions.


  • Fill a training specific need for owner or staff to learn how to use a specific software or App.

  • Provide onsite training, and remote training via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Skype.

  • Provide Training via video created specifically for your needs and made available on YouTube.

  • Need to get a quick understanding of how to use an app in Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps or Google Workspace?

  • See Tutorials here: Tutorials Microsoft & Google


  • Cybersecurity involves you and I.

  • Together we can hold the line to protect the information that is important to all of us.

  • In our new world of online information...challenges are abundant.

  • Do you need to be an IT professional to protect yourself, family, or business, or employer? No you don't.

  • However, following some simple doable tips or steps can potentially save you and others from cyberattacks and cybercrimes.

See our Cybersecurity Tips Here