Cyber Security TipS and basic training for yourself your family and small business to reduce the risk of cyber attack

4 steps everyone can do now 

individuals and families 

tips to reduce the risk of cyber attacks

Small Business 

actionable planning to reduce the risk of cyber attacks 

basic training 

to reduce the risk of cyber attacks

Q: How long does this training "Train to be an Internet Bodyguard" take?

A: About 15 minutes

Q: Who should take this training? 

A: The training is for anyone, employee or small business owner that want to better understand the most common cyber risks and what they can do to protect themselves and their organizations. *

Be an Internet BodyGuard is an Amazon & National Security Alliance project with video, questions and answers, and a quiz to reinforce learning. Take it as many times as you want to. 

*Please note, this training and all materials here are not meant to replace your current organization or small business Cyber Security procedures. These are meant to increase your awareness and understanding and offer actionable accepted practices. Please consult your organizations or small business owners' policy if you have a question.