Tips for individuals, families & businesses, a learning challenge, & tools to create a cybersecurity plan

The goal of this section is to present information in a doable set of actions, with approaches that are currently considered effective ways to limit your exposure to Cyberattacks and Cybercrimes.

  • For Individuals & Families:

      • Follow CISA's 4 Most Important Steps that everyone should do

      • Explore other topics: Stop | Think | Connect, Password Managers, or more.

  • For Small Businesses:

      • CISA's 4 Steps

      • Go through each section

      • Check out the Cybersecurity Challenge

      • Look through the Cybersecurity Guide

      • When ready choose Create a Customized Planning Guide

      • When done save and print the plan.

      • This plan is endorsed by the SBA - U.S. Small Business Administration

Holding the line starts with you and me. Set aside a small amount of time to learn what is presented here to protect yourself, your family, your business, or your employer from Cyberattacks and Cybercrimes.

Note: Though this section does not cover all possible issues, strategies, or techniques, there is much here to benefit from to have an effective impact.

4 Single Most Important Steps CISA Advises Everyone to do

CISA - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Touch Shields Up to go to the list

An overview of guidance, recommendations, and steps to consider for businesses and families and individuals.

Source page for the 4 important steps.

understand why & how much protection you will gain from being hacked just by enabling MFA: Multi-factor authentication

CISA: Always Enable MFA

An informational 1-minute video overview about MFA.

  • Using MFA with your account login's will greatly reduce the risk of being a victim of a cyberattack, according to CISA's Director Jen Easterly. Touch the video to learn more.

This is a brief definition poster of MFA

Want to know more about MFA - Multifactor Authentication, What is it, Why you should use it, & How to set it up?

Understand methods hackers use to trick you into giving away important information

1. FTC - Federal Trade Commission Tips about Phishing

This is a brief 2 minute read.

Think before you act or click!

  • Phishing is when someone uses fake emails or texts – even phone calls – to get you to share valuable personal information, like account numbers, Social Security numbers, or your login IDs and passwords.

  • Scammers use information to steal your money, your identity, or both. They may also try to get access to your computer or network. If you click on a link in one of these emails or texts, they can install ransomware or other programs that lock you out of your data and let them steal your personal information.

  • Scammers often use familiar company names or pretend to be someone you know. They pressure you to act now – or something bad will happen.

2. Small Business Big Threat

SBDC Michigan & SBA

A short 1 minute read...Understand what these are: Phishing, Vishing, SMSishing. Don't take the bait!

  • Have you received an email that says there is something wrong with your account, and it has a link to a page that looks just like your banks home page asking for your login info?

  • Have you received Voice mail threats from Social Security or the IRS saying you must contact them about a problem with your account or that you owe money now?

  • Have you received an SMS Text message that says your package cannot be delivered, there was a problem with your payment, click here to connect with a representative, or a Text message that says your credit card has been frozen, click here to speak with a representative to unfreeze your account?

3. FTC - Tip

Protect Your Computer From Malware

An informational 3 Minute Video

Understand & don't take the bait! Touch image to start video.

Want to know more about how to recognize, remove, and avoid malware?

4. TechCrunch - Article about Twilio

A short 2 minute read about the impact of successful Phishing

  • This is a real life situation where a number of employees were tricked into giving away login credentials to their work systems and got hacked. Touch the article to read how and why they fell for it. You'll be surprised and want to learn from this!

Methods that target 1000's of employee cellphones have been successful at gaining access to their businesses

A 3 minute read revealing a combined attack.

  • Examples of real life situations where 1000's of employees are being tricked into giving away login credentials to their work systems, including their MFA - Multifactor Authentication code, and are getting hacked. Find out how and why so many people are falling for this. You'll be alarmed and surprised.

  • A good way to combat this is to use an authenticator app offered by Microsoft, or use Google's authentication process.

  • Also "don't be so quick to click" on processes asking for your information.

stop | think | connect

a 2 page summary of Basic Tips & advice for Individuals, Families, & Small Business Owners

Stop | Think | Connect

An easy to read 2 page summary

Practical Tips about devices, your information, connecting with care & more. Touch poster for larger view.

Learn more about:

  • Locking down your login

  • Owning your online presence

  • Keeping a clean machine or device.

FTC - Federal Trade Commission - More Useful Tips For Everyone

More useful tips and advice about online security, privacy, and scams.

Touch image to read.

Topics include Password setup, protecting your phone, using social media, and more. (Hint: for setting up passwords, use a password manager)

password managers

Password Manager

A 2 minute read from Microsoft

Talks about what is and why to use a password manager, Touch article to open.

Do you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with creating strong secure passwords, where to store them safely, and how to get to them quickly? Join the crowd. Now is a good time to understand what is and why to use a password manager.

Recommended Password Managers from Carnegie Mellon University

A short read about what is and why use a password manager, along with a useful list of recommended password managers, how they are stored, and a pro and con list of each.

Internet Browser password managers are not as robust as the above dedicated password managers at this time.

microsoft authenticator: What is it and Why use it

Microsoft Authenticator

Protect your accounts with a one-time password that changes every 30 seconds, and more. Touch the image to get the app and learn more.

Find out how to set this up.

10 Tips for Small Businesses & more

CISA - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

A 1 page summary of tips

cybersecurity challenge Learning session - test your knowledge

Cybersecurity Challenge - Test Your Knowledge

  • This is a useful learning course that takes you through a series of 8 challenges that will remember where you left off at so you can come back on your own time. May take about 1 hour.

  • You can redo a challenge to improve your score and knowledge.

  • You do not need to be a cybersecurity expert, this is for anyone willing to learn.

  • What will I learn? You will learn how to protect yourself and your business from cyberattacks with life scenarios presented in an interactive multimedia still anime format.

  • Touch the image to start learning.

  • This is a training project developed by the Michigan Small Business Development Center, and the U.S. Small Business Administration

  • The Michigan SBDC and the U.S. SBA state "Our cybersecurity learning course will test your knowledge on computer systems, data breaches, mobile devices, physical security, international business, company data, passwords, and financial transactions. You will follow along with three small business owners and one cyber hacker."

an example cybersecurity planning guide for small businesses with a resource to create a customized plan

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

This is a detailed structured overview of what a Cyber Planning guide can look like. (45 pages)

Touch the image of the Cyber Security Planning Guide to open and read.

Touching the button "Create A Planning Guide" leads to creating a customized plan that prompts you with questions and choices, that can be printed or saved as a document.

SBA - Small Business Administration

One aspect of Managing your business is strengthening your cybersecurity.

This article provides an overview of why this topic is important for small businesses and what to do. Touch the image to go to the SBA's site to learn more.

a sober warning to take action now to protect against cyber attacks and cybercrime

Whitehouse Statement to Businesses: A Call to Act Now

This Article is about a 2 minute read.

March 21, 2022 Fact Sheet: Act Now to Protect Against Potential Cyberattacks.

Touch the article image or button to go to the full article.

  • Recent world events have led to an increase in the number of malicious cyberattacks that were already on the rise.

  • Attacks are aimed at businesses small medium and large, government agencies, and anyone on the internet, anyone that uses a smartphone, or a flip-phone with just voice mail and SMS texting that live and work in the United States.

  • If you are not paying attention, you could open yourself or your business up to a cyberattack. SMB's - Small and Medium Businesses need to play a part in combating Cyberattacks.